A Samsung anunciou uma nova plataforma para suas filmadoras portáteis que deverá aumentar a qualidade dos vídeos, tempo de gravação e tempo da bateria.
De acordo com a fabricante Koreana, ela é a primeira aplicar CODEC H.264 para filmadoras SD. Suportando de MPEG-2 e MPEG-4 para H.264.

Confira a nota oficial:

Seoul, Korea, July 31, 2008 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announces the new platform with high video quality and high performance for camcorders as well as other mobile devices such as personal navigation devices (PNDs), portable multimedia players (PMPs) and portable DVD players.

“With its best-in-class semi-conductor chips and image processing technology, Samsung’s new platform offers high video quality, longer recording times and low power consumption for camcorders.” said Sang Ryong Kim, senior vice president of Camcorder Business Team, Samsung Electronics. “With the new powerful features Samsung is able to secure a competitive edge in the global market by providing variety of camcorders that meet customer’s demands.”

Superb Video Quality
The new platform is the first to apply H.264 CODEC to SD camcorders. Supporting multi-CODEC from MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 to H.264, the platform improves recording times and video quality by more than doubling the high compression ratio.

Focusing on high video quality, Samsung’s new platform features advanced face detection technology that automatically detects faces and optimizes the diaphragm and focus of the camcorders.

In addition to face detection technology, the platform is packed with powerful technologies such as 3-D noise reduction algorithm for smooth video, Samsung’s own edge filter for stunning video details and clarity, and the color control technology for the original and natural colors.

Compatibility for Easy of Use

Samsung’s new platform enhances the compatibility for camcorder users with ease. The platform allows consumers to easily get their memories from camcorders to multi-media devices such as MP3 players and PMPs supporting H.264 format - without having to transcode the files.

Integrated Platform with High Performance

Designed and manufactured using 65-nanometer process technology on an ARM11 core, the new platform enhances camcorder’s performance and reliability significantly. By integrating its seven sub-chips including LCD controller and video encoder into one powerful chip, the power consumption level has been exceptionally lowered from 1.1 watts to 0.4 watts so that Samsung camcorders have almost twice the battery life.

Samsung’s MX-20 camcorder with the new platform featuring higher video quality, longer recording times and superb battery life will be available in August.

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